WhatsApp’s Features & Secrets

Every brand explores ways to get noticed and build connections on social media. You go where your audience is, right? If your brand doesn’t have a presence on messenger apps, like WhatsApp, you may be missing the opportunity to widen and strengthen that web of connections. In our last article, Secrets for Success with WhatsApp, we learned how to create a successful marketing campaign on WhatsApp. Now, let’s take a look at some of WhatsApp’s extra features and secrets.

Hidden Features

WhatsApp is constantly adding more functionality. Even if you are informed about the app, you can never be fully certain you are completely up-to-date on its new features. WhatsApp also has a load of handy hidden features. All of these features are designed with the idea of making your life easier, but some are more useful than others.

Unsend Messages

You can unsend a message on WhatsApp by tapping and holding it, touching the Delete symbol, and selecting Delete for Everyone. This works for all messages (as long as they were sent under seven minutes ago).

Disable Blue Ticks

Blue ticks on WhatsApp appear when sent messages have been read. You can disable them by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts. However, if you disable them, you will also lose the ability to see when your own messages have been read.

Customize Notifications

If you are expecting a special message from someone that you want to make sure you do not miss, you can set a custom notification for that individual. Open the chat, tap on their name at the top, and hit Custom Nofications.

Format Your Messages

If you want to add some fancy to your mesages, try highlighting your message by tapping and holding it. Hit the More Options key on the pop-up menu, then select the formatting options you want.

Use Your Assistant

Your Google Assistant or Siri can type your WhatsApp message out for you. Say either “Okay Google” or Hey Siri,” followed by the name of the person you want to message and then the contents of the message.

Mark Chats as Unread

If you read a message but are unable to reply immediately, you can set a visual reminder by marking it as unread. On Android, long-press the conversation. On iOS, swipe left to right on the chat.

Email Conversations

This one may not be useful all the time, but it is a helpful option to have when you need it. In WhatsApp, you can export entire conversations (with all their attached emojis and media attachments). Hit More inside a chat, and select Email Chat.

Mass-Message Your Contacts

With WhatsApp, you can send the same message to many of your contacts without lumping them into one group. This is essentially like the BCC option on email. Hit the New Broadcast option on the main menu, and select the recipients.

Pin Conversations

You can pin three contacts/groups to the top of your WhatsApp conversation list. Tap and hold a chat, then hit the pin icon.

Make Messages Easy to Find

Mark key messages with a star to make them easier to find when you need them. Tap and hold a message, and hit the star icon to save it. Return to it later by selecting Starred Messages in the main menu.

Why Use WhatsApp?

Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey showed that 67% of mobile messaging app users expect to use chat more often for communicating with businesses. Additionally, 53% of respondents said they are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Even more astounding, 84% of sharing online happens over private channels like messaging apps. 

So, even if you are not using WhatsApp as a marketing tool for your business, your audience may already be extending your content’s reach. If you do decide to use WhatsApp as part of your marketing campaign, remember that the expectation on messaging apps is for near-instant replies; make sure you (or a dedicated employee) have the bandwidth to handle it.

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