Increase Brand Awareness with LinkedIn Groups

The latest statistics on LinkedIn show that there are over 645 million users on the platform. At least a decent-sized handful of these users fit your target audience description, and they have an interest in your products or services. How can you find them on the platform? LinkedIn Groups could be the perfect (and FREE!) marketing platform to introduce you and your brand to these leads.

What are LinkedIn Groups?

These groups are essentially private forums where users discuss topics of interest. They are intended to be a great place to share ideas, meet potential clients or customers, and connect with influencers of particular fields. 

Why should you use LinkedIn Groups?

  1. Expand Your Reach

LinkedIn Groups provide you with a targeted platform to share your content. Group members also receive notifications when new content is shared. 

  1. Generate New Ideas

LinkedIn Groups can be an already established focus group. Look, listen, and learn. What are people talking about most? Augment your content strategy to fit that demand.

  1. Enhance Your Credibility

Comment on the latest news and changes in the industry. Add your thoughts and opinions to current debates. Share relevant news stories. All of these will establish you as an engaged and informed business.

  1. Learn More about Your Audience

Pay attention, and you will be able to gather amazing intelligence on your target audience’s pain points, challenges, needs, fears, wants and desires. 

How do you join LinkedIn Groups?

  1. Find the Right Groups

Go to LinkedIn’s Discover Groups page or use the search function to find groups around industries, professions, skills, and topics relevant to your business. Also, visit the profiles of your most valuable connections to see which group(s) they frequent.

  1. Follow the Rules

Once you join a group, sit back and observe before jumping in. Read existing posts and comments to see what type of content is shared. There are always published group rules to read, but you also want to understand the unwritten rules of etiquette in particular groups.

  1. Get Engaged

Be mindful of not being the person who is there simply to self-promote. Ease into the group by liking comments and offering your thoughts on articles. 

  1. Post as an Individual

People do business with people, so post to the group as yourself. Your headline (with your job title and company name) will give your business all the promotion it needs.

  1. Stay Relevant

Whatever content you share, whether a comment or an article, should benefit the group as a whole. Share in a way that creates value for group members. Go beyond bland comments, explain your opinion, and offer fresh perspectives. By adding value and connecting with the right individuals, people will remember you (and your business, by extension).

  1. Start Your Own Group

Once you learn how these groups work, consider establishing your own. The greatest benefit is being able to send a weekly email to group members outside of LinkedIn.

To sum it up…

LinkedIn is the best social platform for professionals to reach other professionals. It’s where you can build your own professional community, learn from others in your field, and share your knowledge and expertise. LinkedIn Groups are a great extension of that, and a must for B2B marketers!