Grow Your Customer Base with GMB’s New Features

Google is all about customer experience. Google My Business (GMB) works together with your business’s website to provide shoppers with the information they need. It saves us from showing up at that restaurant on the one day of the week they are closed. It even helps us discover our new favorite brands. 

GMB listings are intended to display all the info shoppers want to narrow down their search and decide whether a business can meet their specific needs. As shoppers, we love this! As a business owner, this is prime (and FREE) real estate to enhance the experience of your shoppers. For a step-by-step guide on how to optimize and manage your brand’s GMB pages, read our previous blog: Enhance Your Google My Business Presence

For now, let’s take a look at the new features Google recently introduced and the ways you can use them to grow your customer base:

GMB Messaging

You can now message directly with your customers (and shoppers who have just discovered you) via the new My Business Messaging feature on your desktop AND mobile devices. From the GMB homepage, you will notice “Messages” now appears in the panel on the left. To use this feature in the mobile app, you will be prompted to connect the account to a cell number for SMS messaging.

This convenient feature allows you to extend your reach and provides you with an opportunity to continue to improve your customer service experience. People like texting, but not talking on the phone or searching for an answer online for hours. It opens a dialogue that could lead to new (or continued) business. And it gives searching shoppers yet another platform in which to obtain information quickly and effectively, which creates happy customers.

We highly recommend using this feature to grow your customer base. If you decide to do so, make checking your messages part of your (or a trusted team member’s) recurring daily tasks. Slow response times could hinder your growth efforts.

Request a Quote

For businesses who have the GMB Messaging feature turned on, Google is now displaying their business profile with a bright blue button that says “Request a Quote.” This is your opportunity to help guide potential new customers down the sales funnel with a timely and professional response.

Welcome Offers

Business owners have long ago learned that offering discounts and coupons is one of the surest ways to guarantee sales. With that in mind, Google has had the option to post “Offers,” which show great success for the businesses who leverage this feature. This tool has now been broadened to allow businesses to post “Welcome Offers.” 

This feature is more than the name implies! Not only does it allow businesses to entice new customers with first-time deals, but your repeat customers (and people who follow your business on Google) will be notified every time you post a new deal to your GMB page. To create your first Welcome Offer, open your GMB app and tap on your profile. Under “Turn followers into customers,” click “Create Welcome Offer.”

Short Name

GMB listing names and URLs have often been long and cumbersome, making them impossible to add to business cards and the like. Things are changing! Businesses can now claim a “Short Name” and URL for their listing. This will make sharing your profile much easier. With short names, your landing page will show up as

To get started, navigate to your Locations page, click “Info” on the left and then “Add Short Name.” Pro Tip: Keep it simple and branded. This is not the place to get fancy. Also, go claim yours before someone else does!

Google Assistant

Customers can now order food from restaurants and products from stores via Google Assistant and partnerships with delivery companies like DoorDash and Shoppers click on “Order Now” on a GMB listing, where they can choose between pickup and delivery and whether they want to order now or schedule their order for later. Customers can pay with one click through Google Pay or add their credit card information. Psst… All of this can be done via speech: “Okay, Google…”

Make sure your products remain up-to-date, so you don’t miss out on the sales that will be rolling in from this new feature!

Want Help Getting Started?

If you want some help getting started (or someone to optimize your GMB listing), give us a call or shoot us an email. The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, as Google’s exciting new features attest. Keep reading our blogs to stay informed, and remember we offer free initial consultations!