Future-Proof Your Content

The world of social media is always evolving. Trying to keep up with the constant changes and create content that resonates with your audience on each social platform can be stressful. What if there was a way to future-proof your content and be able to seamlessly deploy it across any channel? Here are our tips to do just that!

Intelligent Content

The key to future-proofing your content is to create “intelligent content”:

  • Small, structured fragments
  • Semantically categorized (for easy grab-and-go)
  • Automatically discoverable
  • Reusable
  • Adaptable


Creating intelligent content is part practice and part mindset. It involves taking the content out of the context of its presentation layer (like your website) and breaking it down into fragments. These fragments allow for easy assembly, formatting and delivery. Your brand can then build the collection of fragments and deploy them across different channels, tweaking them slightly (to fit the audience and/or social platform).

The Benefits

Although this approach will take a little time on the front end, it will be worth it for these benefits:

  • Save time and money (in the long run)
  • Create a better customer experience
  • Be Future-Ready

Get Started!

For businesses who would like to begin the process of future-proofing their content, here are our tips on how to go about it:

  • Make intelligent content part of your strategy.
  • Run a small-scale test first.
  • Focus on the quality (and not the quantity) of your content.
  • Invest in experts (even if only temporarily).
  • Do some in-depth keyword research. Keep a running list of these, and sprinkle them into your content.
  • Make organizational and process changes (e.g., set up a team to review content before it goes live).
  • Slowly progress. Moving to intelligent content can be a big job, depending on the size of your company; don’t try to achieve it all at once.

To Sum It Up…

The mindset of intelligent content involves seeing all content as inherently structural. Businesses are in the habit of creating bespoke content for each channel, which is time-consuming and makes it very difficult to adapt the same content across different media. But by approaching content as essentially a series of component parts, it becomes much easier to see how it can be deployed in various forms, across devices and in diverse contexts.

We are always happy to help! If you have questions or would like assistance in developing your future-proofed content, contact us at [email protected]